Aeschylus: EES kil us
Anthony Powell
(author of A Dance to the Music of Time): pole
(from My Antonia): ANT uh ni a
Balzac: bal ZAHK
Celeborn (character in Lord of the Rings): KEL uh born
Don Juan (character in the Byron poem): don JEW un
Durrell (last name of brothers Gerald and Lawrence) DUR rell
Garcia Marquez: gar CI a MAR kez
Ged: ged, not jed
Levin (character in Anna Karenina): l YEH vin
Nabokov: na BOH koff
Narnia: NAR nya (see Eustace's rhyme at the beginning of Voyage of the Dawn Treader for confirmation of this)
Ocol (character in Song of Lawino): Ochol
Onegin (Pushkin character): on YAY gin
Rimbaud: RAM bo
St John (character in Jane Eyre): sinjin
Turgenev: tur GAIN yeff
Yeats: yates