Writers and Other Places

Writers with intrinsic otherness:

J.G. Ballard - English, born in China

C.P. Cavafy - Egyptian, born in Alexandria, of Greek parents, spent formative years in England

Roald Dahl - British, born in Norway, spent time in North Africa during World War II

Marguerite Duras - French, born in French Indochina

Bessie Head - Botswanan, born of mixed race in apartheid South Africa

Derek Walcott - of mixed race, in Santa Lucia

Elspeth Huxley - English parents moved to British East Africa

Kazuo Ishiguro - moved to England from Japan as a child

Rudyard Kipling - born in India to English parents

Doris Lessing - English, born in Persia, grew up in Rhodesia

C.S. Lewis - grew up in Ireland

Andrei Makine - born in Siberia, but had a French grandmother

Beryl Markham - born in Kenya to British parents

Mervyn Peake – English, born in China

Jeff VanderMeer - grew up in Tahiti

Writers who moved to another country or traveled extensively as adults:

Isabel Allende - from Chile to California

Martin Amis - from England to the US to Uruguay

Sherwood Anderson - from the US to France

Margaret Atwood - wrote The Handmaid’s Tale in Germany, the US

Samuel Beckett - Ireland to France

Saul Bellow - began The Adventures of Augie March in Paris

Okot p’Bitek - from Uganda to England to Kenya

Jorge Luis Borges - from Argentina to Switzerland

Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning - from England to Italy

A.S. Byatt - English, writes hither and thither

Lord Byron - England to Switzerland to Italy to Greece

Bruce Chatwin - nomadic

Amit Chaudhuri - Calcutta to Oxford

Fyodor Dostoevsky – Russian, went to Europe

Ivan Turgenev – Russian, went to Europe

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - England to Germany

Joseph Conrad - Poland to France to England, seeing much of the world in between

Peter Hoeg - Danish, traveled as a sailor, wife from Kenya

Samuel Delany - US to Greece

Isak Dinesen - Denmark to France to Kenya

John Dos Passos - US to France

Feodor Dostoevsky - Russia to Germany

Lawrence Durrell - born in India, moved to England, then Cyprus, Corfu, Alexandria, Rhodes, Yugoslavia, France

James Hamilton-Paterson
- English, moved to Indonesia

T.S. Eliot
- US to England, taking British citizenship

William Faulkner
- US to France

F. Scott Fitzgerald - US to France

Gustave Flaubert - France to Egypt

E.M. Forster - England to Egypt to India

Andre Gide - France to North Africa to Congo

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Germany to Italy

William Golding - England to Egypt

Graham Greene - nomadic

Robert Graves - England to France

Lafcadio Hearne - US to Japan

Ernest Hemingway - US to France to Spain to East Africa to Cuba

James Herriot - Scotland to Yorkshire

Henry James - US to France to England

Ha Jin - China to US

James Joyce - Ireland to France to Italy

Margaret Lawrence - Canada to Somalia

D.H. Lawrence - England to Australia to US

John Le Carre - England to Germany

Madeleine L’Engle - educated in Switzerland

Ursula K. Le Guin - studied in France, French husband

Federico Garcia Lorca - Spain to US

Cormac McCarthy - US to Mexico

Taha Hussein - Egypt to France

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Columbia to Cuba

Carole Maso - US to France

Herman Melville - nomadic

Jan Morris - nomadic

Vladimir Nabokov - Russia to England to Germany to US

V.S. Naipaul - Trinidad to England, nomadic

Gerard de Nerval - France to Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey

Marjorie Oludhe-Macgoye - England to Kenya to Tanzania to Kenya, married a Kenyan

Orhan Pamuk - first able to “see” Istanbul when he lived in New York

Arthur Rimbaud - France to England to Egypt to Cyprus to Yemen to Ethiopia

Vikram Seth - India to US