Book Words

biblioclasm - occasion on which books were destroyed
bibliomane - someone with biliomania
bibliophily - love of books
cancel - "A cancel is any part of a book substituted for what was originally printed." McKerrow
colophon - a publisher's device or note at the end of a book, now mostly used to refer to the publisher's device or logo
corrigenda - errata
duodecimo (or twelvemo) - small size of paper, about that of an ordinary paperback
foliation - numbering of leaves (as opposed to pages)
folio - double the size of octavo
foxing - brown spots or staining on pages
frontispiece - illustration facing the title page
grangerize - inlay plates or illustrations into a book
incunable - a book published prior to 1600
quire - group of printed leaves, folded together and sewn as a group
recto - right side of a spread
verso - left side of a spread